School class assessed by SDQplus

SDQplus for maximum clinical, epidemiological and managerial benefit from your SDQs

SDQplus is a web-based application to facilitate longitudinal mental health assessment of individual young people (and adults). The main features are:

Read more ... but once you have acquainted yourself with SDQplus, we strongly suggest you start using it via SDQblockchain below!

      Individual child assessment with SDQplus

SDQblockchain and SDQcohort

The closely related web browser applications SDQblockchain and SDQcohort (SDQcohort is deprecated) allow using SDQplus for cohorts of individuals (e.g., class of students, client or patient list). Once set up, these applications can save up to 75% of your time conducting SDQ assessments and greatly facilitate data export of assessments.

Each member of your cohort is linked to an SDQ ID (the PlusIID). This PlusIID link allows combining and exporting your organisation's demographics and other information with your SDQ assessments. SDQblockchain uses strong encryption and proven blockchain technology to allow your data to be saved on our servers while practicing "data protection by design". SDQcohort achieves DPA/GDPR compliance through strong encryption and local storage on your own computer (when you may not use SDQblockchain).

Our latest version of the SDQblockchain User Guide ...   Read more about SDQcohort...

MySDQ is a web browser application (“app”) that allows you to maintain a patient/client list with personal details on your own computer. Your patient/client details are robustly and reliably linked to SDQplus, without causing data protection concerns. MySDQ also is a convenient way to use SDQplus in the absence of an integrated electronic health record (EHR) or client management system (CMS). MySDQ has been replaced by SDQblockchain and further development is not anticipated. If you are on MySDQ and want to move to SDQblockchain, we can help you! CONTACT US

There are no additional charges for using the SDQplus or SDQblockchain applications. You can use the paper-based SDQscore with SDQplus and there is no increase in your fees for assessments; your experience within the SDQscore assessment and scoring application is unchanged. The new self-entered assessments of SDQplus each cost US$1.00, but are email-able and provide much better reports (PDF included) and software tools in the fee. Considerable professional staff effort is saved with self-entry (e.g., 90%) and we have consistently reliable reports of teachers assessing over 100 students an hour via SDQblockchain.

Session by Session (SxS) is another web browser application (“app”) that allows you to monitor individual patient progress vis SDQplus. Progress is linked robustly and reliably to all other measures supported by SDQplus. SxS costs only US$0.10 (ten cents) per assessment and provides immediate graphical visualisation of the progress of your patients.