COVID-19 - contact-free assessment and monitoring

SDQplus assessments ( can reduce physical contact during the pandemic and allow those working remotely to continue providing effective mental health assessment, monitoring and analysis.

During the pandemic and at our discretion, we are facilitating adoption and use of SDQplus assessments. New accounts may request starting in advance of initial payment.

Our contribution does not apply to SDQscore (i.e., paper based) assessments. We advise using SDQplus as a means of reducing physical contact, saving precious professional time and eliminating transcription errors.

All SDQ and DAWBA services are operating normally. Support staff are working from home as usual. Contact us if you wish to apply for FREE SDQplus TRAINING via videoconference during the pandemic.

Do not use AdminID or AdminIDPassword to score SDQs! Login with UserIDs! Problems or questions?  

SDQplus can save you 90% of the effort of assessment!